Wallflower, Rachel’s Before & After Pill, + Think BIG!


3 great FMG stories with dramatic growth and much payback! 86 pgs.


by LoSarro, IRONB667, & Scoundrel – 3 great FMG (Female Muscle Growth) stories. “Wallflower” is about a slim, short girl always being picked on by her big blonde cousin and her hunky boy friend at the beach. She gets into some Nitro Body Building Formula and she becomes the big & hunky one now and her cousin & boy friend must now pay the price. “Rachel’s Pill” is actually just the images from this story¬† of a woman having some fun with her boy friend after taking some of her growth pills and tossing him about the room, etc. “Think BIG” has a just fired fem having the worse day of her life until listening to a Personal Power Tape causes her once skinny body to blossom with big new muscles and a couple other big things. It’s time to get her job back and take care of the idiot who almost ran her over the day before. 86 pgs.


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