Art by Robin Ator

LH-ART was started as a printed stories, mail-order company in the early 1980’s

Today we are on our fourth incarnation on the world wide web(aka internet). We will be slowly building this site out, so please bear with us. Not everything that was available at our previous online store will be available here. Many stories are being combined into larger packages and priced very reasonably now. But some of our older works and videos will be offered at our space on the Builtmore Clips. We can still be reached at our e-mail: “hellerl001@hawaii.rr.com” and will try to take care of any problems or suggestions you have as soon as we can. The site will keep changing as we develop more knowledge of how to work with the WordPress/Woocommerce interfaces. Thank you all for your patience and support!

**Please let us know if you find anything that does not seem to be working correctly so we can try to fix it during this initial launch time.**



We do not share e-mail addresses with any other businesses except whomever is doing the payments(PayPal is only payment processor we are using currently). None of your personal information is shared either. Subscribing to the site only is used for you to receive our up-date emails and special sale notices. It also will help you set up your account so you can see your orders from the past. You can also download your orders from this page as well. You get 8 times to download each item/title you order and have 30 days in which to download them. If at any time you wish to be removed from that subscriber list just e-mail us and we will remove your name and e-mail.