Gym Brawl Parts 1, 2 & 3

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by CST (crisshapes), Martin & LoSarro – First 3 parts combined. First she’s mistaken for a short guy pumping iron because of her hooded outfit, and our super-muscled young fury is put off by a big older male body builder. But soon she is doing a lift challenge with him and totally blowing him out of the water! Lifting weights 5 to 10 times greater than him! Then getting him to admit her super dense muscles do turn him on despite his dismissive behavior.  Slinking off to the showers she follows him to further his humiliation there. Super buff Kiki totally humiliates the big gym dude in the shower and now is wondering about going to a Mr. “O” contest and doing the same to all the big muscleheads there!? Should she?  Let us know if you want CST to continue this. Also poor Jarmaine is getting punished by Melissa(the School Yard Bully) again! 54 pgs.

12 reviews for Gym Brawl Parts 1, 2 & 3

  1. Johnny67 (verified owner)

    She is awesome and I would love for a next part on this one.

  2. AbdoSa (verified owner)

    CST is one of the best artist I want to see his work always and I wish to continue this series it is really good.

  3. Canto (verified owner)

    CST does not disappoint. Top quality as usual. I love how this young woman proves her superior strength and muscularity. Especially how she “finishes” him off.

    I would absolutely love to see her take on the full lineup of the Mr O. What an epic sight that would be.

  4. Rich

    Yes Continue this story Id love to see her own they guys at Olympia stage.

  5. Rod Miranne (verified owner)

    Awesome CST story and fantastic artwork as well!! CST is awesome with his super dominate and sexy amazons. She really takes down the puny male with her super muscles!
    Please continue the series and have her take on and out muscle the entire Mr. O competitors!
    Looking forward to more great CST work. Thanks,

  6. Morphieus16 (verified owner)

    Please more from CST… the best

  7. Morphieus16 (verified owner)

    Please more from CST… the best there is. Would love to see more Jennifer Hardstone comics

  8. Nl (verified owner)

    Wonderful comics.. Please more and more of legendary Jennifer.

  9. mrshhh (verified owner)

    Kiki is a great character! Having her prove herself the alpha of the gym was fantastic, but taking on the entire Mr Olympia sounds incredible! I enthusiastically support a continuation!

  10. ThouImperium

    Incredible, your the best CST. When is the next chapter coming out where she owns all the guys at the Mr Olympia?

  11. Christopher Hough (verified owner)

    Please have her take on the entire Mr. Olympia live up. Watching her out pose them and then play with them will be awesome. Keep it coming.

  12. Musclemaneater

    Love it! One of CST’s best stories by far and one of the best characters. I really want more of Kiki, and more of Jennifer as well. Bring on Kiki vs the Olympians!

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